I had 3 sessions yesterday. 2 of them were in my backyard. My jump has grown to a bigger jump and a new feature has been made thanks to a big dump on new years eve.

And the landing has turned into a slope.

I think I got the biggest handmade Jump in Sweden. If not please prove me wrong by sending me pictures or something smiley

So yesterday I was snowboarding with Klas and Erik in my backyard. The third session was in kvisthamra, but didn’t count that much because too many people too little snowboarding.

But at home was way better. Klas had to leave because of a dinner, but came back later when me and Erik was shredding. Erik did a really cool corked spin. Me myself did the first backflip for this season. I turned it into a rodeoflip later.
Sweet session and Klas built me a quarter after the landing.